Knitting sets your mind free and makes you see the other side of whatever this will be.....the purlside or the happier side of life!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is a crochet pattern but it looks like knitted and you can make them so fast! How about a last minute Christmas gift?
For the next two weeks you can also find me as an advertiser on the Ravelry website! 
If you like to buy the pattern follow the button....

Monday, November 29, 2010


I really like this one! Every time I come up with a new pattern I am excited! But this time I am extremely fond of myself. This project started out as a head warmer but I actually think it looks even better as a short necktie or scarf! It doesn't take long to knit and I almost have to stop myself from making one every night. Possibilities are endless. I love yarn. 

I also had to crochet one. Like that one, too.
This one actually started the whole head warmer craziness! 
I guess I will make more. 
You can find all of my patterns on the most wonderful website for knitters and crocheters. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finally! The New Knitter's Magazine K100 is here!!

Okay, I have been talking about this one for a while....and now the cowl neck flips up on the picture...well, can't have it all! It is a nice sweater and it would also make a great sweater in just one solid color. Black. Always a good choice.
To top things off you can download the whole magazine for free here:

Which means the whole issue! And it is a big one!
Have fun!

Monday, November 1, 2010


I have been busy getting my website ready. I did it all by myself and for being more a knitter than a computer specialist I am quite proud of the result. So of course some of my knitting got a bit on the back burner. But only a bit! I still knit every day for at least an hour.

A really cute cardigan is this one:
It is not easy to take pictures of this one. That's why I also called this design "Glass". I have not published the pattern yet but you can contact me and then we will work something out. And: Rowan's Kidsilk Haze is the yarn for this sweet nothing.

Another fun project with Christmas coming up:
I designed this one for a stocking class I am teaching at my local yarn store IRIS
The fun part about it: fast! Bulky weight yarn and knitted in the round! You could learn something new as well! How about some duplicate stitch and an hour glass heel? You could add the two-color knitting but this would be up to you. All I can say is that I have the feeling my students love it! 
The pattern is available for download for $6.00 Christmas Stocking

And then one more thing: these booties are so cute and special if you like to crochet:
You can download this pattern for $ 7.50 right here Principessa Pattern

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Princess Booties

Cinderella would have taken these in a heartbeat! My newest version for the Stay On Crochet booties but this time with a big flower! I used a new Debbie Bliss yarn:  80% Bamboo/20% Merino  called PRIMA. Super soft and shiny. I have to make more of these! I love my pattern and I am proud of all the crocheters on Ravelry who post their booties made from my pattern. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here comes QUINCE my newest pattern!
Winter is coming, Christmas, too! These gloves/mittens are easy to make because you don't have to be a fan of dpn or short circular needles - they have a seam! They make impressive last minute gifts plus the investment is rather minimal...
I really like them! I will make a second pattern but with a thumb part but also not knitted in the round.
You could make these with one skein of Cascade 220!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The newest Knitter's Magazine is not out yet but I found my design on the Cascade blog!
Internet is still a miracle to me and all the things you can find.
So I guess it is okay to post a photo from a fashion show on my blog.
I used two strands of Cascade "Superwash". The best thing about this yarn is that it already comes in balls and not in hanks like so many other Cascade yarns. I am not say that this influenced my decision which yarn I picked for this design...or maybe it did?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Oh boy!
I can't believe it myself!! This is the sweetest baby with the cutest cowboy hat - of course made and designed by me! But the photographer is very important, too! A great shot makes all the difference in the world! I can't wait to have more pics to show off!
Thank you Jen!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Opinions Wanted!!

So what do you think? 
This is my first project for my book proposal totally done!! Super nice orange! My favorite color! Plus really really light weight!! I shouldn't be showing it off yet but I just had to! 
I bought a template today and will be working to get a good website for me going. Kids will be back at 
school next week and then I will fly through the internet to figure out might take a while but I have high hopes!!
Let me know what you think about my cardigan "ORANGE MARMALADE"
Can you see how see though it is? 

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am in the newest Vogueknitting magazine Fall 2010! Well not in the pattern pages but in an add from Cascade Yarns. Good enough for a start! But my name is misspelled - oh well! Good enough, too!
Find it on page 49.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It is still very hot and humid in Wisconsin but the new yarns are arriving at my yarn store and also the magazines show fall fashion. So hot or not! Winter will come and I just had to do this one as so many other things!

Rowan's Big Wool was the yarn of my choice:

I knitted most of it in the car on our trip to Sheboygan,Wi and back home. It is a one hour ride. 
Usually I am not a big fan of knitting with big yarn but on the other side the speed is unbeatable! 
The pattern for this one will be listed as a free pattern on Ravelry.

I am already off to another project: a scarf! I am always one project ahead.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Every now and then I just have to crochet.
It was a bit of a search to find this raffia "yarn". For some reason I thought this would be a good hat for my photographer friends who are always looking for unique hats as photo props.
I am excited about the outcome and two hats are on their way to Minneapolis for photo shooting. I keep my fingers crossed.

Plus have made a photo tutorial on how to make a sewn bind off for knit one, purl one ribbing!
It is always a lot of work to do it right. Coming soon!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Back Ground?

If you have been following my blog you are probably surprised about the new look! Well, I am surprised, too. My back ground got "discontinued" I guess. I hope you like the new one as well.

This summer is passing faster than I thought and hopefully soon the fall magazine of Knitter's Magazine K100 will be for sale. I am excited about this one....but I can't tell you more.

I also continue working on my book proposal with mostly thin yarns knitted with bigger needles. I really like Rowan's Kidsilk Haze  and my ideas would never run out for this beautiful yarn.

This is the newest book in my collection:
Rowan has wonderful yarns and I am very impressed with their newest knitting and crochet magazine nr.48. Lots of great ideas and just a wonderful presentation of wearable projects. I would need more time to knit.

My next investment will be a new camera so I will have better images for the blog and my Etsy store. If you think you have the best camera I would be happy to know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Newest Design Is Still A Secret...

Oh how I am excited about my newest design for Knitter's Magazine! And I can't tell about it.....
They will bring out their 100th issue soon and this is a reason to CELEBRATE.....hint hint. This time I went totally overboard on colors and a rainbow could look pale against my design. So hang in there with me until I can show the picture!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My newest design! 
Just fresh off the needles (US 6) and it only uses three balls of yarn! I chose a 100% cotton tape yarn of course in black. It is a fun piece to knit. Starting with the lace part while you still are excited about your new project and ending with knit and purl rows when one is usually not as interested any more. The pattern for this project is available in my Etsy store and once I have a good picture it will also be on  Ravelry  which is actually the best knitting site I know. 

Right now I guess I am in my more lacy phase probably because it is hot here?

This was a busy week getting the last things done before the kids are home from school. To make things more exciting I got a new design accepted for Knitter's Magazine . It will be their 100ths issue and I thought this would a good reason to design an item called "CELEBRATE". I wonder if they will keep the name?

The Vogue people will make a new book about baby items and there will be three of my designs in it as well.
Lots of good news! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lace Border Shrug

Finally I got this shrug done! And I have to say I did a good job! It stinks to praise yourself but this one was a tough one. I got this yarn from Germany from a sheep sanctuary Naturwerkstatt Zopfy and they sell this special yarn which is not chemically treated.
I have had the yarn since February and all the projects I started I did not finish. The yarn felt not right and my knitting looked bad. Then when Easter came around I thought I would try to dye the yarn with my left over egg dye and then the miracle happened! The contact with water turned this yarn into a beauty and my gauge turned into a nice piece of knitting. The yarn dried extremely fast and I could tell the difference between treated and untreated yarn.
Now all I have to do is to write down the pattern and ship it off to Germany with lots of good wishes for many sales! So the sheep will have a good life and can produce more of their wonderful wool. Without these friends we knitters would be quite empty handed!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Skacel Lacy Cables

Last fall I designed this sweater for Skacel Yarns. They make great knitting needles as well!
I learned a lot while knitting this sample piece. It is knitted all in the round and there are no good areas to start a new ball because I like to hide the ends in the side seams. So what to do? That's when I came up with my best way ever to connect a new ball:
split both yarn ends in half, which means when the yarn consists of 6 plys you split it so you have 3 plys on each half. Do the same with the new ball. Then combine one half of the new ball with one half of your working yarn. Knit about 5 stitches with the "new" yarn, then continue to knit with the all new ball. When weaving the ends in you can split the ends to single plys and weave the ends in a star shape.
I wished I had taken pictures......This method works great for all yarns and makes the least visible change.;jsessionid=0a010c551f43699d060649d04e5d97d1aef819872477.e3eSc38RbhuLe34Pa38Ta38Nbx10?it=A&id=7265

Monday, May 3, 2010


If someone asked me what my favorite yarn is I would probably say Kidsilk Haze by Rowan .This yarn is so incredible to work with and although it is expensive (about $15 per ball) with only one ball you could make a shawl like this one!
It measures 10" X 52" and there are many ways to wear it. 
I have made this one for my neighbor Barb whose daughter is getting married this month. Of course I picked a discontinued color (nightly) and I had to investigate to find more yarn on the internet. I ended up ordering three balls at Purls
mostly because I thought it would be cool to receive a package from NY! I want this shawl to be wider so I will add on to the sides. Then there would be two options to make it: a lazier version with only one ball and if a wider scarf is desired and patience is not running low this would be the second version which I am currently working on. 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ribbed Keyhole Scarf

One week after surgery! My right foot is in a cast and I am on crutches (I actually prefer my neighbor's walker....). I finished a scarf from the 60 Quick Knits book where three of my patterns can be found. I am not very happy with the pattern since someone thought it should be rewritten (and now there is a mistake in it!) and also the finishing which  according to me should be blocking was changed to "do not block" and this is just impossible! But I will get over it.....
I have knitted this scarf for my local yarn store IRIS FINE YARNS where I also teach knitting classes on a regular basis.
There will be a book signing night in May!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today I had the honor of meeting Brandon Mably! He is a British knitting celebrity and very famous in knitting circles. Here you can find more information about him

We started the day off with picking a favorite postcard and then choosing colors from it which we then had to transfer into rows of yarn with about 6 different colors per row. His British accent was quite "charming" as he would put it and his jokes were very entertaining as well. I learned a lot!

Tomorrow I will be off to surgery! I ruptured my Achilles tendon when I tried to push a heavy piece of furniture......

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

See Through Sleeve

  I have picked up one of my older projects. This photo shows the sleeve of my hopefully soon finished circle cardigan out of Noro and Habu yarns. It is actually a fun project and the sleeve has only 64 stitches at the top! And it is knitted in the round only! The background and sleeve show the grey Wisconsin sky. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010


As if I did not have enough projects going on  -  I just had to have this yarn and knit up a sweater! I am so excited about it and it is so much fun to work with. It feels light and airy and I hope the temperatures will stay cool enough that I can still wear it this spring. The picture shows the purl side and this brings out the colors even better. I am thankful for all the people who still spin their yarn by hand! 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So the green person in me is lately into spinning.....yes, that's right! Every time I say 'never' sooner or later it will happen to me or I will do whatever I thought was so not my style.
I bought some fleece and a drop spindle and now I have upgraded my kitchen to a spinning/cooking studio - not really! I wish I had more room and could spread out more.
While watching youtube videos on how to spin yarn I came across this fascinating article about spinning paper. It is actually not that difficult to spin yarn and even relaxing. I have not given the paper a try but it seems very doable and just imagine how much "free" yarn that would be every day just from the local newspaper. The colored pages would add an interesting effect!


This is something I will try soon. I could imagine a nice knitted rug or a hammock? made out of this material.
Even kids might find this interesting.....summer vacation is around the corner.
Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn @greenUPGRADER

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So READY for Spring!!!

With Easter coming up and the sun shining I am getting ready for pastel colors. It just feels right at the moment. But I know it will not last long because usually I am more into darker colors. I guess that's the season!
 Right now I am taking a "creative break"  from the more challenging patterns. Sometimes it is just nice to

 whip up a project within two hours or while I watch a movie. I hope these hats will soon find an owner somewhere on this planet.
I got this super lovely beyond softness yarn from a spinner in Arizona! There are so many wonderful yarns in great colors! To work with this yarn makes knitting even more precious!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Booty!

                                                                                                      I am having a lot of fun with my newest booty pattern! Here in Wisconsin we still have a lot of snow but somehow this winter has been not as bad as usual. So I am getting spring feelings! I thought of bright flowers in crochet and since right now this booty is a big hit on sprucing it up with another embellishment can't be wrong. Ravelry is a wonderful site! It seems as if almost every pattern from the last few years has been knitted  up and someone shows it there. It is also a great site to find free patterns or answers. And there are always so many people signed in at the same time and it is a true knitting and crochet site. How could I have ever lived without it?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Every Day I Find Something NEW!

I am still learning! Everyday I find something new I want to add to my blog! I really liked this slideshow! So you can see more of my designs. Some of them appeared in magazines and some are available on the
Cascade yarns website for free patterns and some are available through my Etsy store. I am always open for new ideas as well! And I love to read your comments! Thank you for reading my blog!

Monday, February 22, 2010


This pattern took me weeks! But now it is finally done! Last spring I had already designed a crochet baby booty that resembles the Robeez booties made out of leather. Then I thought it was perfect and now I think this is so much better!
First off all the yarn weight: DK  which is a nice weight to work with.
Second: there is no assembly because the booty is crocheted in one piece.
And the best of all: there is an elastic at the top of the booty which will prevent the booty from falling off which is the most important part in a booty!
So if you would like to make a baby booty and like crocheting as much as knitting here you have a booty that works!
Four sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 Months

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Pink Sweater


Today I have a funny/sad story!

This is what can happen when you ask your children to help you with chores.....

Yesterday I bought this beautiful hand knitted sweater made out of 100% wool. I hardly ever knit things for myself so it felt even better to own something that is actually hand knitted even though it had been made by someone else. The yarn looked soft and right now I am into these wonderful thick and thin yarns which I use to design baby hats for photo props.
Last night my youngest son decided to do the laundry and for whatever still unexplained reason this new sweater was on top of my white pile. So he knows what to do with white laundry! And the rest you can shrunk to 1/4 of its original size. I guess this was a lesson we will never forget!
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Newest Designs For Soho Publishing In New York!

I just got an email from Soho Publishing in New York that one of their newest knitting books will be available in February. It is called 60 Quick Knits and you will find patterns for hats, mittens and scarves.  
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All projects use Cascade 220 yarn which is a great yarn to work with and it comes in more than 220 colors and variations - more than you can wish for! I had the pleasure to contribute 3 scarves! This would also be a good time to say that the chosen colors were NOT my decision. I only submit design ideas and color suggestions. That said I would assume that this must be a great book and we all love to knit scarves and little projects with a littlebit of a challenge. Right?
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Photos Copyright Jack Deutsch

Thursday, February 4, 2010


To dress your newborn baby up with hand knitted items for baby's first picture session is a huge hit amongst photographers right now.
I was asked by a fellow Etsian to design a diaper cover up knitting pattern out of bulky yarn. It turned out pretty nice and I want to share it with other knitters or photographers who are looking for a free pattern!
I also added a link to youtube where I for the first time ever explain how to do short rows. I love short rows and with this method you will be able to insert short rows into your project without any holes! If you enjoy knitting socks you should try it as well!
An Original Absolute Knits Design. Copyright 2010 Angela Juergens

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate


MEASUREMENTS: waist: 12” - 16” (last measurement is the stretched measurement)

Length from back center to front center: 12”

Featured Yarn: Lamb’s Pride BULKY 85% Wool/15 % Mohair - 125yds / 4 oz =113g (shown in color saphire M-65)

For this project you will need 34 g / 1 ¼ oz

Also required:

- 1 16” long circular knitting needle size US 10.5 (6.5mm)
- Knitting needles size US 13 ( 9 mm) straight or circular
- tapestry needle
- 1 stitch marker

GAUGE: 3 sts/4 rows in Stockinette stitch pattern
(= *knit one row, purl one row* repeat from *to*) = 1”/1” using needle size US 13 or size to obtain gauge



BO = bind off
k = knit
p = purl

LC =

LC 3= Loop cast on 3 sts

M1 = make one stitch: increase 1 stitch by

picking up the strand between the stitches from the front with right hand needle and knitting it from behind

w&t = wrap and turn (watch youtube video clip or read instruction at the end of pattern)

sts = stitches

Cast on 22 sts with bigger size needles
Row 1: p1, k to end
Row 2: p21, k last stitch
Row 3: p1, k18, w&t (see description at end of pattern)
Row 4: p16, w&t (see description at end of pattern)
Row 5: k16, work wrap (see description at end of pattern), k 2
Row 6: p19, work wrap (see description at end of pattern), p1, k1
Row 7: as row 3
Row 8: as row 4
Row 9: as row 5
Row 10: as row 6
Row 11: BO 3 sts knitwise, k to end of row
Row 12: BO 3 sts purlwise, p to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 15 sts.
Row 13: slip 1 st purlwise, k to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 14 sts
Row 14: slip 1 st purlwise, p to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together. = 13 sts
Row 15: slip 1 st purlwise, k to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 12 sts
Row 16: slip 1 st purlwise, p to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 11 sts
Row 17: slip 1 st purlwise, k to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 10 sts
Row 18: slip 1 st purlwise, p to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together. = 9 sts
Row 19: slip 1 st purlwise, k to last 2 sts, knit these last 2 sts together = 8 sts
Row 20: p7, k1
Row 21: p1, k to end
Row 22: p7, k1
Row 23: p1, k to end
Row 24: p7, k1
Row 25: slip 1 st purlwise, k1, M1, k4, M1, k2 = 10 sts
Row 26: slip 1 st purlwise, p 8, k1
Row 27: slip 1 st purlwise, k1, M1, k6, M1, k2 = 12 sts
Row 28: slip 1 st purlwise, p 10, k1
Row 29: slip 1 st purlwise, k1, M1, k8, M1, k2 = 14 sts
Row 30: slip 1 st purlwise, p 12, k1
Row 31: slip 1 st purlwise, k1, M1, k10, M1, k2 = 16 sts
Row 32: slip 1 st purlwise, p 14, k1, LC3 = 19 sts
Row 33: k19, LC 3 sts = 22 sts
Row 34: p21, k1
Row 35: p1, k to end
Row 36: p21, k1
Row 37: p1, k to end
Row 38: p21, k1

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Row 39: with the circular smaller size needle k 22, then pick up 22 sts from the top of back part, place a marker (or mark with with a different color yarn that this is the beginning of a new round)

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When you close to round pull yarn very tight so you will not have a loose stitch. The marker indicates the beginning or end of the round. Continue with Round 1-7:

Round 1 – 7: *k1, p1* repeat from *to*
Round 8: bind off all stitches loosely as they appear (which means you will knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches and bind off at the same time).

Cut yarn and pull end through the loop. When you weave in this yarn end go back and forth to disguise the end of the round.

- Right side outside close the sides with mattress stitch

- Weave in ends.


WRAPS: You can watch how to work the wraps in this video on Youtube:

Or follow the instructions for

Row 3: (= a knit row) bring the yarn to front, slip next stitch knitwise, bring yarn back to back of work, then slip stitch from right hand needle to left hand needle, slip this stitch from tip to tip, turn

Row 4: (= a purl row) bring yarn to back, slip next stitch purlwise, bring yarn to front and slip stitch back to left hand needle, slip this stitch from tip to tip, turn

Row 5: pick up the wrap which is around the next stitch knitwise and lift it over the stitch, bring it behind the stitch. Now knit both loops together from behind (pattern ends with k2)

Row 6: pick up the wrap from the knitted side, this means you have to turn your work that way that you are looking at the knitted side. Then pick up the wrap which is around the next stitch from underneath and slip it over the stitch, now purl both loops together (pattern ends with p1, k1)