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Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Newest Designs For Soho Publishing In New York!

I just got an email from Soho Publishing in New York that one of their newest knitting books will be available in February. It is called 60 Quick Knits and you will find patterns for hats, mittens and scarves.  
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All projects use Cascade 220 yarn which is a great yarn to work with and it comes in more than 220 colors and variations - more than you can wish for! I had the pleasure to contribute 3 scarves! This would also be a good time to say that the chosen colors were NOT my decision. I only submit design ideas and color suggestions. That said I would assume that this must be a great book and we all love to knit scarves and little projects with a littlebit of a challenge. Right?
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Photos Copyright Jack Deutsch


Anonymous said...

I like the NEW LOOK each scarf has. I would choose to knit the last one. It is a book I will be looking for! Debra

Absolute Knits said...

Thank you Debra! A change in colors would make a huge difference...Coffee soon!

MFcrafts said...

Congratulations, I'll be checking out that book soon. Your patterns look wonderful. ~Marie