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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Back Ground?

If you have been following my blog you are probably surprised about the new look! Well, I am surprised, too. My back ground got "discontinued" I guess. I hope you like the new one as well.

This summer is passing faster than I thought and hopefully soon the fall magazine of Knitter's Magazine K100 will be for sale. I am excited about this one....but I can't tell you more.

I also continue working on my book proposal with mostly thin yarns knitted with bigger needles. I really like Rowan's Kidsilk Haze  and my ideas would never run out for this beautiful yarn.

This is the newest book in my collection:
Rowan has wonderful yarns and I am very impressed with their newest knitting and crochet magazine nr.48. Lots of great ideas and just a wonderful presentation of wearable projects. I would need more time to knit.

My next investment will be a new camera so I will have better images for the blog and my Etsy store. If you think you have the best camera I would be happy to know.

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