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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Opinions Wanted!!

So what do you think? 
This is my first project for my book proposal totally done!! Super nice orange! My favorite color! Plus really really light weight!! I shouldn't be showing it off yet but I just had to! 
I bought a template today and will be working to get a good website for me going. Kids will be back at 
school next week and then I will fly through the internet to figure out might take a while but I have high hopes!!
Let me know what you think about my cardigan "ORANGE MARMALADE"
Can you see how see though it is? 


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE PATTERN TO COME OUT....It is a dream of a sweater. Debra

Ming Ching said...

AWESOME, Sis! : )

teri said...

FABUOUS!!! I can almost "smell" the orange Marmelade!!! YUMMY! This would look lovely on anyone. What would you rate the difficulty to be?
Keep on treatin' us Angela 8)