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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Skacel Lacy Cables

Last fall I designed this sweater for Skacel Yarns. They make great knitting needles as well!
I learned a lot while knitting this sample piece. It is knitted all in the round and there are no good areas to start a new ball because I like to hide the ends in the side seams. So what to do? That's when I came up with my best way ever to connect a new ball:
split both yarn ends in half, which means when the yarn consists of 6 plys you split it so you have 3 plys on each half. Do the same with the new ball. Then combine one half of the new ball with one half of your working yarn. Knit about 5 stitches with the "new" yarn, then continue to knit with the all new ball. When weaving the ends in you can split the ends to single plys and weave the ends in a star shape.
I wished I had taken pictures......This method works great for all yarns and makes the least visible change.;jsessionid=0a010c551f43699d060649d04e5d97d1aef819872477.e3eSc38RbhuLe34Pa38Ta38Nbx10?it=A&id=7265

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