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Monday, May 14, 2012

Linea Lace Tunic Pattern

I really love this piece! It was fun to knit while sitting at the beach in Alabama (yes, linen is the go to material when you know you will be knitting at the beach). 
It is not warming at all and therefore a great cover up!
The pattern comes in three sizes and is on the oversized side. What I like most is that there is no shaping for neck or armholes and therefore the lace pattern does not change. It knits up fast and I am already thinking that I should make it in other colors like white or turquoise? I used Louet Euroflax Sport and this yarn comes in so many beautiful colors. 
The pattern is very detailed and suitable for the adventurous beginner.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Free Lace Scarf Pattern

I always get weak when I look at Rowan's Kidsilk Haze yarn. It is probably one of the best yarns and it has been around for quite a while! When it first came out I wasn't so excited and wondered what one would do with such thin thread. But since then many many yards have slipped through my fingers and I am quite sure many knitters have at least one ball in their stash. And that is exactly what you will need to make this one skein wonder! I called it "Marmalade" because my first version was made out of the color "Marmalade" and this is a very suitable name for such a yummy scarf! 
Wouldn't it make a great project for a gift? Who could resist.
Click here for the free download or you can print this

230 yards of lace weight yarn. Used here: Rowan Kidsilk Haze col. 596 (25g/229y): 1 ball, tapestry needle to weave in ends, scissors.
Knitting needles size US 7(4.5 mm). A needle with a very pointy tip is highly recommended for this project (e.g. Skacel Addi Lace needle)

Gauge: 17sts/26 rows = 4”/4” worked in Stockinette Stitch (= knit on RS, purl on WS). The gauge is not critical for this project.

Measurements: 10 ½“/52” 

*  means repeat from *
purlwise means to insert needle from right to left into stitch as you would for a purl stitch

Cast on 42 sts (or if you want a different width cast on any multiple of 6 for example: 24/30/36/42...sts)

Row 1: slip first stitch purlwise with yarn in front, k2tog, yo, *k4, k2tog, yo rep from *to last 3 sts: k3.
Repeat Row 1 until have about 2 yards of yarn left to bind off.

! Bind off in this way to ensure a looser bind off edge:
knit 2 stitches, * then insert left hand needle into front of both just knitted stitches and knit them together, k1 then repeat from * to end of row.

Weave in ends. No blocking required.