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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally Giving In!

Okay, I have been looking at these knitted headbands with the increase and decrease in the center for a good year now and always postponed to design one myself. Well now I gave in and here comes "Begonia". Yes, good design names don't come easy at all. I am thinking of letting my readers come up with a name for my next design......
I am quite proud of this pattern since it will work just well without any crochet skills. Most of the headbands I have seen so far have a crochet edge and a crochet flower. This one will be great without any crochet at all. But in case you absolutely have to have a crochet flower - there is a beautiful crochet flower in this pattern, too! I know, everybody will want one once you start making them.
Crochet Flower

Adjustable size!
Knitted Flower

 You can download the pattern for $6.00 right here

And there are more good news! I am one of 10 finalists for the 10,000 th design of the Patternfish website. Now it depends on which design gets the most votes. Check it out here and if you like my design please vote for me.
This is my design:

The beautiful model is my Godchild from Germany. She spent two weeks in summer with us. 

The nice idea about this design is that it can be made with two different lace options! Ha! 
The orange lace is a repeat of the first row (quite easy to remember) and the second version (on the brown model) is a challenge but I know some knitters love that! 
I can't decide which version I like best but I would love to have one in every color!

The pattern is also available for $ 7.00 right here: