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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So the green person in me is lately into spinning.....yes, that's right! Every time I say 'never' sooner or later it will happen to me or I will do whatever I thought was so not my style.
I bought some fleece and a drop spindle and now I have upgraded my kitchen to a spinning/cooking studio - not really! I wish I had more room and could spread out more.
While watching youtube videos on how to spin yarn I came across this fascinating article about spinning paper. It is actually not that difficult to spin yarn and even relaxing. I have not given the paper a try but it seems very doable and just imagine how much "free" yarn that would be every day just from the local newspaper. The colored pages would add an interesting effect!


This is something I will try soon. I could imagine a nice knitted rug or a hammock? made out of this material.
Even kids might find this interesting.....summer vacation is around the corner.
Handspun Recycled Newspaper Yarn @greenUPGRADER

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