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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kate Middleton's Angora Wedding Shrug/Bolero in Mohair?

I have been selling this pattern for a while now and the yarn used for this project seems to be a problematic fiber. Knitters who are allergic to angora can't use it, in the UK a similar yarn is hard to find or simply one does not want to spend as much money on this project. 
So I made one for myself out of a different fiber. I used Debbie Bliss "Party Angel" which is a much thinner yarn and that's why I double stranded it. I made it exactly 50 rows longer so I can wear it as a cardigan and I used a size US7 needle instead of the US8 to get to the same gauge. I love the result! 
And there are many other manufacturers producing a similar yarn: Rowan "Kidsilk Haze", Cascade Yarns "Kid Seta Noir", Schulana "Kid Seta" and I am sure there are many more.