Knitting sets your mind free and makes you see the other side of whatever this will be.....the purlside or the happier side of life!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beach Knitting

How much better can it get than to spend spring break in Alabama at the beach - knitting of course. I picked a linen yarn and a very repetitive lace pattern for my little vacation. The sand hardly sticks to the yarn and I think I will remember the lace repeat forever, I love it! Plus the Skacel Addi Lace Turbo Circular needle is awesome for knitting two stitches together. This will be a boxy shaped sweater in case you want to know what I am making. No neck opening, everything straight so even the not experienced lace knitter will have a blast to make one! I am inspired to make more beachy designs this summer. Who said knitting is only for the cooler time of the year? With the right project and yarn it is a year round pleasure. I could not live without it.