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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride - A New Favorite!

It is the season for warm clothing. I love it.
With my yellow lab girl Ivy I am going to the dog park almost every day and wind proof items are definitely a must. So I started with mittens....with a touch of sparkle....and because I test knit my projects myself I made more...which led to a stash of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky.
Then I had a beautiful green, a coral read and a light beige in a bag and they wanted to be used no mittens there. They got united in cowl! A bit christmasy but awesome!
No wind can go through this little wonder. I called it Truffles Cowl and the pattern is available on Ravelry. BUY HERE . So I still had a stash of green yarn and turned into another headband pattern, this time one in crochet. The bulky weight yarn makes this a super fast project and anyone can do this in a couple of hours. I got great feedback on Etsy from someone who has not crocheted in years and she was able to make one. Love it!

Here is the link to the pattern Fast Crochet Headband Kayla Pattern
I am ready for winter to come! Enjoy the season!

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Mrs. Joanz said...

I Love the look of your Kayla pattern. I consider myself an advanced beginner in crochet and wanted to know if there's a tutorial for the stitches for that pattern. I'd love to make it but not sure if I know how to do the stiches in the picture. They don't look like the ones that I know how to do.