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Monday, August 13, 2012

Page 2 On Ravelry's Patternlist!

Yesterday I listed my newest pattern on Ravelry: Walk in the Park Shoulder Wrap
It is always difficult for me to come up with a new pattern name and the idea for this one came to me because I actually wore it the day before on my Saturday morning walk to the local farmer's market with my husband and our yellow lab Ivy. It felt so good and so warm, just right for a walk!
And today to my surprise when I checked Ravelry's pattern listed by "what is hot right now" I found my wrap on page 2! I am very excited!
The wrap knits up so fast and it would make a great last minute gift for a friend. Or maybe the finishing touch to that sleeveless dress....well, a solid color might look even better?!
The patter is available right here:

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joan said...

Wow, Angela, congrats on making the "HOT" list! I'll have to go look.