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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

60 Quick Baby Knits

A new book by Soho Publishing (the makers of the VOGUE knitting magazine) is on the way! It will be out in May and I think it has been almost a year since I sent off my precious goods (not telling what but there will be three items from me in that book). Guess who knitted the hat on the cover??
Yeah, it's me. Nothing to be extremely proud of since it is "just" a hat. But anyway. I still find it amazing when something that I made reappears somewhere in printed matter. Even more amazing: when people knit something that I "invented" and my idea gets multiplied. Very very wonderful.

As for example "Santa's Favorite Stocking". I taught a class about the pattern and my student Karen has probably made the most stockings in the history of this stocking! One went even all the the way to Africa! Wow! I felt so proud. She made some without the Intarsia pattern and sent me a photo so wonderful it should appear in a magazine! Thank you so much Karen!


KnittingFits said...

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your three contributions! I can't wait to get the book into my shop!!!

Ming Ching said...

What a lovely cover! Being a typeface fanatic I must say it's a very good one, feels like the 60ies...

And congratulations to your part in it, you are the best designer ever!

: )